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About Us


"About us" has become a common phrase that really didn't exist before websites.
Generation-X has grown up on it, companies post it on their websites and viewers read it. (Sometimes)

When asked to write about ourselves we have to start way back in 1981. (Yes, believe it or not, life and business did exist prior to the invention of the Internet)

Company founder and President Patrick Dori, MAS (Master Advertising Specialist) was fresh out of college when he had a vision. He wanted to create a business that would combine his enthusiasm with what he had learned in school and incorporate it with his own innate creativity. Admittedly, he didn't know how far his talents would take him or the opportunities that would arise but he did know he was up for the challenge. 

His hard work and honing in on his craft eventually paid off. From a business that started in his garage, Spirit eventually out grew its first, second and third offices and then, in 2004, the current Company Headquarters building was designed and constructed in Hackensack, NJ. As we expanded our wings, an additional three related businesses grew under our roof as well. Our new creative facility allows us to R&D innovative ideas and technologies which we often perfect. One example is Beach'n Billboard. In 1999 the US Patent Office awarded us Patent # 5,896,929 for it.

Our patented invention imprints thousands of 4' x 12' ads on the sand of public beaches, turning them into the worlds' largest and first environmentally safe billboards. (Video can be found on our POS, Packaging & Custom Products page) Each ad is coupled with a "Please Don't Litter" message, therefore, converting the advertisements into public service messages which are funded by corporate sponsors. Results: Clients get miles of environmentally safe advertising impact and great PR. Municipalities earn revenue from every campaign to offset the cost of their beach cleaning. Visiting Bathers receive a pristine, manicured beach with rows of reminders not to litter. Research shows that Visiting Bathers view the ads as a signature left behind by the cleaning crew. Participating beaches are reporting a 20% reduction in beach litter as direct result of the campaigns. It's a Win-Win for everyone!

Our journey has been rich in rewards. Besides being awarded our Patent, we won not one, but two Golden Pyramid Awards from the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). Such back to back achievements are rare but they're the direct result of our dedication and commitment to satisfy our clients. Our focus has always been to please them. We transform their objectives into successful promotional programs, products and ideas. Our goal is to make working with us, a profitable investment for them.

Over the years, Spirit has worked on numerous promotional projects, from small local businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Whether it be Wallpaper to Pharmaceuticals or Wines & Spirits to IT, each of our campaigns is a product of our MAS (Master Advertising Specialists) management and CAS (Certified Advertising Specialists) staff. This level of professionalism is our standard. Our being a special-projects/boutique agency allows us to focus on the details of what our clients need.

Now, with more than three decades behind us, Spirit has become a highly experienced, tech savvy, and a multi-faceted agency. Our specialties: POS Displays, Promotional Items and Promotional Item Online-Company Stores, Warehousing and Fulfillment, Wearable's, Promotional Concepts and Programs, just to name a few.

In today's "speed of light" business atmosphere, stability and experience is paramount. Knowledge of what works, what doesn't work and insuring that your company's promotional dollars are spent wisely is key. Every company wants to motivate customers in their direction. This is our job, this is what we do.
What motivates us in business? We've learned...


It's not "About us"...

                     It's "All about YOU!". 

"I needed a sign, they asked me what it was for so I told them. In 5 minutes they steered me in a completely different direction. What they suggested gave me more impact and actually saved me money. Spirit is now producing POS displays for me that are giving our product line new life".
Laurie P. CEO, Health Care Services

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