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"We had pens that sat in our warehouse for years. Spirit salvaged them with a direct mail campaign coupled with an on-line incentive coupon. Old pens, heading for the garbage pail, turned into a pot of gold. New clients and booked orders at minimal cost...hell of an idea!"
Randy W. VP Sales, Food Services



Visit our Beach'n Billboard Division


We've invented a machine that imprints ads on beaches that are the world's first and largest environmentally safe billboards!

Imagine seeing miles and miles of your ads creating the worlds largest billboard.

That's over 600,000 square feet of beach with your name on it!


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Spirit Exclusives!





Folds repeatedly then returns
back to the front.


Cell Phone Fans



Banner Pens



Cell Phone Pocket Pal



Easily attaches to the back of all
make & model smart phones, tablets, e-readers and more!


Fortune Cookie Advertising




Place your advertisement inside fortune cookies. You can personalize them with text, colors, and even pictures.




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