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"Spirit does more. They handle special projects by looking at the world as a giant parts store .They don't provide you with just a promotional item, they deliver solutions."
Nancy C. President, Transportation Refurbishing


Promotional Item Online - Company Store Warehousing / Fulfillment

Turn a confusing headache into a cost efficient program that organizes your company. An on line company store, filled with specific promotional items that you choose which also fits your budget makes all the difference. Your company store will bring down promotional costs while organizing all employee purchases, branch locations, and special event needs. Learn what promotional items are successful, discover buying trends within your organization, fill the needs of your growing operation with a flexible company store program built just for you. With "one click of your mouse." If an item exists we'll produce it for you. If it doesn't exist, we'll create it for you. Innovation and custom fabrication have been our specialty for over 30 years.


Creative Concepts & Ideas

We may not be the biggest but we are the best! We are proud to have won, not one but two Golden Pyramid Awards. Like winning the Oscar, the Golden Pyramid is the pinnacle in our industry. You don’t win one by being average or adequate, you win one by being the best in your field… (We have two of them!)

Product/Business Development/Business Consulting

Having successfully been in business since 1981,we’ve got experience on how to get your product, brand idea, or invention out there. Our company president and some of our staff personally hold US Patents. We’re often requested to guest lecture and teach at local universities. Our specialty? Business, Entrepreneurship & Patents. How can we help you?

POS/POP Displays

We usually create them from scratch but sometimes we already have them in stock so all you have to do is stick your name on one. Either way, the solution to your problem is only a phone call away.

Package Design

Simple products usually require little effort to package successfully. If yours is a multi dimensional, revolutionary, thig-a-majig that the whole world needs and will want, the packaging process can easily turn into a nightmare OR it can become an experience so well thought out that it winds up blowing everyone away by it’s spectacular design because it’s an award winning eye catcher. (How’s that for a run on sentence?) Call us…we know what to do

Printed Promotional Products/Ad Specialties/Wearables

Identity is what it’s all about, isn’t it? Stand out from the crowd and your competition. If you have a message that you want to convey, we can find just the right vehicle to print your message on. Over 1 million to choose from and the creative combinations are endless. If you’d like, you can even have your deliveries easily fulfilled from our warehouse with one click of your mouse.

Promotional Programs

Have your corporate identity spotlighted through creative marketing & custom-printed promotional merchandise. Let us learn about who you are, study the options and then develop an effective campaign especially designed for you.

Corporate Events

If your hosting a holiday party, company picnic, product launch, black tie whatever… We’ll give you ideas on how to make it even more special than you had originally thought.

Trade Shows

Everyone knows it costs thousands of dollars to exhibit at a trade show. Let us show you how to fill your booth with clients who would normally just stroll past your booth. Let your trade show be not an expense but an investment.

Web/Traditional Advertising

"Many ways to skin a cat." Has never been so true. In today’s fast paced world, analog thinking sometimes clashes with digital thinking. We think both should meet and get the best results. Old ways of advertising must be brought up to speed With the new generations of global web surfers ever growing, traditional advertising mixed with electronic can be a very simple solution. We’ve always been on the cutting edge of getting your name and message out to your prospective clients. Why not have traditional ads piggy-back some electrons.


Marketing vs. Sales has often been a point of contention. Where does one end and the other begin? We believe that good Marketing draws or educates prospects to you and your product buy enticing them. Good Sales is the art or process of transforming your prospect’s enticement into the actual purchasing of your products or services. We've done our marketing and sales homework over the years. If you need traditional and/or on line marketing/sales guidance, we'll show you how to attain the best results so you can draw that prospect in and close the sale. It's our job to help you ink the deal by turning prospects into customers!

Art & Graphics

From Logos to Brochures to Billboards, suited to meet your very special needs. Gifted, Talented, Experienced… Our friendly artists give your project the personal attention of old-world craftsmanship utilizing state of the art graphics software. All are necessary elements to meet the demand of today’s ever changing, quick-paced world.

Direct Mail

We design direct mail campaigns that are effective, economical and eventually pay for themselves. You’d be surprised at how well received a traditional direct mail campaign can be when it’s received by a new generation.